WINNIPEG —; A toddler who fell out of a second-storey apartment window on Saturday is now recovering in hospital. But the toddler’s family said they’re upset at the online backlash received in the wake of the incident.

15-month-old Emma-Marie tumbled out of a window on the 100 block of Mayfair Avenue. Her parents, Christopher Genaille and Nevada Anderson, found their daughter unconscious on the pavement below. Winnipeg Police said the incident is an accident and no charges will be laid against the parents.

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The child suffered two skull fractures and two areas of brain bleeding but is now in stable condition and expected to make a full recovery. Genaille and Anderson have been tending to her bedside since the fall.

Althea Guiboche with her granddaughter Emma-Marie

Althea Guiboche

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“That image of her laying face down on the ground has been haunting me, it’s stuck in my mind since it happened,” Anderson said.

“I’m just glad that [my daughter] is okay and she’s expected to have a full recovery.”

But reaction on social media has been swift – and according to the couple – many comments have been deeply hurtful.

Chris Genaille, the toddler’s father said, “We were already in a really vulnerable, hurting moment, with our daughter like that.” He then said comments on social media turned towards speculation, without any confirmed details forming their opinions.

“Just to see ‘they’re probably getting high’ or ‘they were probably sleeping or drunk’, something like that. We weren’t any of that. I was at work and my girlfriend was three or four feet away,” Genaille said.

Emma-Marie’s parents say she is recovering well and will undergo an MRI on Tuesday.

Both parents are asking social media commentators to consider themselves as parents as well and to have full details before passing judgement on their family.

“Just don’t jump to conclusions. I’m guilty of doing it in the past but this has changed my outlook,” Genaille added.

While the toddler likely won’t remember the incident, Anderson said this has changed their family forever.

“I never, ever want to take my eye off her ever again.”