Police have confirmed that a U-Haul stolen in Vernon was recovered in Peachland on Friday evening.

The stolen vehicle was being used by Ryan Prevost and Ashley Delaney, a Vancouver couple, in the midst of moving to Calgary with their young daughter.

The van, which was loaded with the family鈥檚 belongings, was taken from Vernon last week.

Although the vehicle has been found, the family says many of the contents inside are missing and what鈥檚 left is 鈥渃ompletely in shambles.鈥?/p>

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On Sunday morning, the couple were nervously anticipating taking a look at the U-Haul and finding out whether any of their belongings were salvageable.

But when the pair were finally able to see the contents later in the day, their hopes were dashed.

鈥淢y heart is racing right now. It is just unbelievable what they did to it,鈥?said Delaney.

Delaney said all of their valuables were gone, including musical gear and a computer with family photos on it. She describes much of their remaining belongings as being ‘in poor condition’ with boxes ripped apart and furniture smashed.

鈥淚 saw a couple salvageable items. I found a couple of my shoes, a couple jackets. There were some baby clothes [left] that they didn鈥檛 have much interest in. Our entire lives they tossed and turned and walked over and completely destroyed,鈥?said Delaney.

Police said they have wrapped up a forensic examination of the U-Haul.

鈥淭he lock used to secure the rear door of the van had been damaged, however the vehicle appeared to be full of household items,鈥?wrote Cst. Jesse O鈥橠onaghey in a statement.

鈥淎t this time, the RCMP are working with the victim of the theft to conduct a full inventory of the vehicle to determine what property has been recovered and what remains outstanding.鈥?/p>

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The vehicle was found in the 6400-block of Renfrew Place in Peachland on Friday evening.