It’s a rivalry like no other as the Saskatchewan Roughriders played host to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in Sunday’s matchup of the Labour Day Classic.

Tens of thousands of fans decked out in green —; and blue —; came out to witness the CFL’s fiercest rivalry in the last Labour Day Classic being played at the old Mosaic Stadium.

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    Dating back to 1949, these two prairie teams have played in 52 Labour Day Classic match-ups throughout the years.

    Warren Woods of CJME’s The Green Zone explained that the Riders didn’t always play the Blue Bombers during the Labour Day weekend, and they didn’t always play on a Sunday.

    “The riders have played on a Monday of the Labour day weekend. They’ve played against teams like the BC Lions back in 1976,” Woods said.

    “You’ve got two prairie cities that are very close together. They share a common bond especially with football.”

    Woods said when it comes to the Labour Day Classic, anything goes.

    “The Bombers have won their last four games. They’re 5-4 (wins-losses), and Saskatchewan is 1-8… but in Labour Day games, you can throw all the records out the window,” he said.

    “There’s just something about it, something magical about it. Something weird, mystic.”

    The Saskatchewan Roughriders fell to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers by a score of 28-25 in Sunday’s matchup.

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    Tyson Ducharme of Winnipeg arrived in Regina on a bus tour with several other Bombers fans. This is his eighth trip coming to the Queen City.

    “I’ve never seen a win. [Eleven] losses, I’ve seen eight of them but we’re winning today,” he said before Sunday’s game.

    Despite being on enemy territory, Ducharme said Riders fans are as friendly as they are passionate.

    “I tell people in Manitoba to come here. [Riders fans] will not say anything bad to you,” he said.

    “They’re the best, they’re the best.”

    The annual rematch between the Roughriders and the Blue Bombers takes place next week in Winnipeg September 10.

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