Many students at the University of Regina (U of R) spent the long weekend unpacking as they prepare for the beginning of a new semester.

For Greenwater Lake, Sask., resident Sydney Stadnek, it’s the first time she will be living away from home. She, like many other first-years, will be moving into residence at Paskwaw Towers at the U of R.

“It’d be nice to get everything organized,” Stadnek said.

“I’m kind of nervous.”

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    Stadnek’s story is a common theme during this time of year. In fact, her new mate hails from Sydney, Australia. It’s the first time Olivia Brunton has ever even been to Canada.

    She said the transition has been tough.

    “It’s been quite hard. I have had quite a few homesick moments,” Brunton explained.

    She said moving proved difficult because of transportation and weight restrictions.

    “Packing was quite interesting because you can’t bring a lot of stuff with you… I was making do with what I have,” she said.

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    U of R president Vianne Timmons said it was a much different scene compared to last year.

    “Last year we had lots of snags. We had challenges with the alarms and the elevators, not this year,” Timmons explained.

    “We had had no issues this year whatsoever.”

    It’s a plus students no doubt appreciate, making for a smoother transition for some students so they can focus on other things, like meeting new people and experiencing many new firsts.

    “I’m excited to start. I’m a bit nervous for classes, but pretty excited to live in a new city and stuff,” Stadnek cheerily said.

    For others like Brunton from down under, she’s preparing herself for a winter she said is the opposite of anything she’s ever experienced before.

    “I found out that it can get down to minus forty with the wind chill so this will be a very interesting experience,” she laughed.

    The first day of classes is Tuesday, Sept 6.

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