WINNIPEG —; Osborne Village has the distinction of being one of the more unique and eclectic neighbourhoods in the city; restaurants, bars and shops attract Winnipeggers to the area from across the city.

But if you’re travelling there by car, finding street parking remains a challenge.

Fort Rouge East Fort Garry City Councillor Jenny Gerbasi is aiming to change the lack of parking spots. Gerbasi has put forward a request for review of loading zones in Osborne Village in a City Centre Community Committee meeting on September 6.

The review is aiming to “identify and recommend changes to loading zones to free up on-street parking during appropriate times,” according to a committee agenda document.

Businesses in the area say some customers are driven away back lack of parking spaces.

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Gerbasi also hopes to find loading zones that are no longer required and are not being used. Winnipeg Parking Authority said while there is no official count of loading zones within Osborne Village, the zones themselves are normally installed based on the request of a residence or business.

“[Businesses] want people to go down to Osborne, to look at the dress shops and go to all the restaurants,” said Pam McConnell, a resident who has lived in the area for over a decade.

“Those businesses survive on people being able to access them.”

Multiple businesses in the area depend on loading zones to move inventory in and out of their storefronts. But the dearth of parking in Osborne has driven away customers who don’t live within walking distance, said Scott Redfern, a manager at The Cornerstone Bar & Restaurant.

“If you’re not within walking distance, you might not want to come down to Osborne in general, because you wouldn’t be able to find parking,” Redfern said.

If the report is approved on September 6, it will move on for review by the Committee for Infrastructure Renewal and Public Works.