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Dubai bar aims to break record for world’s longest ‘domino drop shot’

Written on November 25, 2018 at 00:04, by

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – The 6,148 whiskey shots perched atop glasses of energy drink waited for the push that might send them tumbling into the record books — just another night in Dubai, and another chance to make a certain kind of history.

Superlatives like “the world’s biggest” and “the world’s first” are almost as ubiquitous as the skyscrapers and mega-projects that have come to define this city-state on the Arabian Peninsula, home to the tallest building and the busiest international airport on Earth.

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With time, this largest-in-life approach has filtered down to more humble and odder pursuits — such as Monday night’s attempt at the world’s longest domino drop shot.

You probably weren’t aware that there was a record to beat in the domino drop shot, or even that there was something called a domino drop shot. Just imagine someone dropping a shot glass into a beer, but before you can guzzle it down, another thousand shots drop into another thousand pints behind it, like dominoes.

The current record holder for the longest drop is the Bahama-based location of the alcohol-soaked chain Señor Frog, which got 4,107 of its 4,109 shot glasses to fall correctly in February 2013.

On Monday, The Huddle Sports Bar & Grill in Bur Dubai sought to break the record. Staffers carefully set up over 6,000 glasses of Camros whiskey and Bazooka energy drink. It was an effort five months in the making, with tests twice a month that took 12 hours to set up.

“When you say Guinness World Record in Dubai, it’s something everyone will talk about,” said Ahmad Taher, the food and beverage manager at Citymax Hotels, which went for the record.

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Such an event would be inconceivable in other Mideast countries like neighbouring Saudi Arabia, where alcohol is illegal and officials are preparing for the annual hajj pilgrimage, required of all able-bodied Muslims once in their life.

But in Dubai, which has a large expatriate population and relatively lax rules on alcohol, the event is unlikely to draw much attention — unless, of course, they make it into the Guinness Book of World Records.

Before Monday, the United Arab Emirates held 165 such records, including 129 set in Dubai, according to Guinness.

Among them are the architectural marvels of Dubai, like the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building at 828 metres (2,716 feet), and the continent-shaped islands of The World, the largest man-made archipelago. The world’s longest driverless metro line passes by the twin towers of the J.W. Marriott Marquis, the world’s tallest hotel at 355 metres (1,165 feet).

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Then there are the stranger feats, like when Indian national Maharoof Decibels won the Operation board game with surgical precision in a world-record 21.87 seconds in 2008. Or when Mohamed Ahmed al-Mulla, an Emirati, typed the fastest blindfolded Arabic text message in 2009. The two-sentences included the phrase: “the razor-toothed piranhas of the genera Serrasalmus and Pygocentrus.”

Some records are more infamous. The largest tanker ship ever hijacked? The UAE-based Sirius Star, later released by Somali pirates for a $3 million ransom. The highest shortage of women, according to Guinness? The UAE, with its vast workforce of male, low-paid migrant labourers.

One place the UAE isn’t ahead, however, is in the number of overall world records. The United States leads the pack with 6,874. But the UAE and Dubai dominate the Middle East, Guinness spokeswoman Leila Issa said.

“The UAE’s initiative to be the first in all industries and their drive for success and to be the best is what drives them to attempt Guinness World Records titles,” she said.

The Emirati push for world records corresponds with academic research on social comparison. Studies show that the higher ranked a person becomes in a field, “the more thirsty you are to get to that No. 1 position,” said Stephen Garcia, an associate professor of psychology at the University of Michigan.

“Even with adults, if you say, ‘First one to the tree is the coolest person in the world,’ you’re going to get the adults running to the tree,” Garcia said. “That’s such a childhood game, but people are ready to run with it. Whenever you create a competition, people tend to buy in, even around these trivial dimensions, like this Guinness World Record.”

Garcia’s lack of enthusiasm was nowhere to be seen at the Huddle on Monday, where the vibration of the speakers in the bar caused a premature drop of some of the shot glasses at around 8:45 p.m., to the horror of onlookers.

The same thing happened again at 10:09 p.m., but was stopped by a nimble-fingered bartender. Five minutes later, another fourth of the shots fell into their glasses before time, sending some workers scrambling to reset the glasses as others asked patrons in the noisy bar to be quiet.

At press time, most of the shot glasses, and the world record set by Señor Frog, had yet to fall.

Hurricane Newton: Canadians urged against non-essential travel to Mexico

Written on November 25, 2018 at 00:04, by

Federal officials are urging Canadians against non-essential travel to parts of Mexico as Newton strengthened and became a full-blown off the coast of Mexico.

Right now, the storm is drenching parts of western Mexico and is heading north toward the Baja California peninsula. So far, about 100 people had to evacuate their homes as the storm battered residences along the coast, according to the Associated Press.

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Roads were blocked by flooding and mudslides, which meant some locals needed to be rescued by helicopter. No deaths were reported.

“Global Affairs Canada advises against non-essential travel to the coastline between Cabo San Lazaro to Loreto due to due to Tropical Storm Newton,” the federal government wrote in its travel update, issued before the storm was reclassified as a hurricane Monday afternoon.

Newton was upgraded to a Category 1 hurricane, with maximum sustained winds of 120 km/h, and is expected to come ashore in Baja California Sur by Tuesday.

READ MORE: 3.8 magnitude earthquake hits southeast of Yorkton, Sask.

A hurricane warning was in effect for Cabo San Lucas and the nearby coastline.

Newton is expected to cross over the peninsula and re-enter the Gulf of California, also known as the Sea of Cortez, on Wednesday.

The hurricane centre said the storm is likely to continue north into Arizona as a tropical depression later in the week.

The travel advisory also issued warnings for areas such as Acapulco, not for weather but for “high levels of violence and organized crime,” demonstrations, protests and occasional illegal roadblocks.

Finally, Zika virus is also a concern for travellers to Mexico.

“Pregnant women and those considering becoming pregnant should avoid travel to Mexico,” the advisory read. Read the full warning here.

With files from the Associated Press

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PostSecret creator Frank Warren offers his secrets to success

Written on November 25, 2018 at 00:04, by

If you haven’t already shared your own secret – you may have at least heard of PostSecret.

Created in 2004 – as a platform for people to share anonymously about their lives – it’s become an Internet sensation.

The project’s creator Frank Warren will speak to students at Mount Royal University in Calgary on Tuesday. He shared some of the secrets to his success ahead of the event.

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Warren told Global News there is “no better time” for Canadian entrepreneurs to turn their idea into an online venture. The key is hard work.

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“Over the course of your lifetime, you could have dozens of ideas. Any one of them could be a great success,” said Warren. “Not all of us are willing to put in the effort to finally grow that seed to where it can bear fruit.”

“PostSecret was a simple blog 12 years ago and without any funding whatsoever it reached millions of people.”

PostSecret has undoubtedly been a huge success for Warren. It has earned five Webby Awards for best Internet blog – and Warren a nod from Forbes Magazine.

PostSecret has become an internet sensation since its inception in 2004.


Warren attributed some of that success to the failed projects that preceded PostSecret.

“I would say what was critical for me was managing failure, not hiding from it,” he said. “When you have failures its important to look at it honestly in order to understand your own shortcomings. “

“Some of the most valuable ideas, the best ideas, are the one’s that nobody understands.”

One last piece of advice from Warren is to get in touch with the people that inspire you.

“Sometimes it’s surprising how easy it is to share your idea and get a response back from someone you admire,” he said.

He said people are often very generous with their time, and happy to help.

PostSecret Live! is scheduled for Tuesday at Mount Royal University’s Triple gym at 10:15 a.m.

Wakeboard competition wraps up summer at Parc Jean-Drapeau

Written on November 25, 2018 at 00:04, by

Montrealers at Jean-Doré beach couldn’t have asked for a better way to finish off the warm summer than with a wakeboard competition.

The Wake sur l’Île teletraction competition drew riders from across the province for a chance at winning a grand prize.

The winner of the professional men’s competition had a prize of $1,000 waiting for him, while the winner of the women’s competition had a jackpot of $500.

ChangSha Night Net

Event organizer Marie-Line Ouellet described the sport as one that can be approached by swimmers as young as seven years old, but it can get very difficult the more obstacles you add on the course.

Jean-Doré beach has a wakeboard track open to the general public during summer months.

“You’re being pulled by a cable, you have a board attached to your feet, a vest, and a helmet and you have fun on the parkour,” Ouellet said. “I find it’s a good activity to offer during the summer, it’s close to everything, you can take the metro, wakeboard, have fun, and you have the beach.”

Wakeboarding in Quebec is a sport that has produced a few professional athletes.

Marc Besner has been wakeboarding for six years and has traveled throughout North America and parts of Europe to compete professionally, he said the sport is all about friendly competition.

“Wakeboard lifestyle is really about traveling, practice, party in the night, but most of the time when you are in the contest you are thinking,” Besner said. “You’re focused on what you’re gonna do and you try to win.”

The competition also had an amateur category where the winner received prizes from Billabong gear.

Winnipeg Goldeyes clinch playoff spot

Written on November 25, 2018 at 00:04, by

WINNIPEG – The Winnipeg Goldeyes locked up a playoff berth on Monday.

The Goldeyes won part one of their doubleheader with the Fargo-Moorhead RedHawks 6-1 on Monday afternoon. The victory secured the wild card spot.

After missing the post-season dance last year, the Fish will head back to the playoffs for the first time since 2014. It’s the 18th time in their 23 year history the Goldeyes have qualified for the post-season.

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Reggie Abercrombie hit his 20th home run of the season in the victory. Goldeyes starting pitcher Kevin McGovern earned the win to improve his record to 8-3. He went the distance in the seven inning contest, pitching a two-hitter while striking out nine RedHawks batters.

Fargo won the second half of the doubleheader 10-5 as the Goldeyes finished the season with a 58-42 record.

The Goldeyes will face the St. Paul Saints in the division series. The Goldeyes had a slim edge in the season series as they won nine of their 17 meetings in 2016. It’s the first post-season meeting between the two clubs since the Saints eliminated the Goldeyes in the first round of the 2011 playoffs.

Winnipeg will open the playoffs at home on Wednesday with Game 1 of the best-of-five series at Shaw Park. Game 2 will go the following night before the series shifts to St. Paul for the final three games if necessary on Saturday, Sunday and Monday respectively.

The other semifinal series pits the Wichita Wingnuts against the Sioux City Explorers.

WATCH: Goldeyes Clinch Playoff Spot Raw

American Association Playoff Schedule – Saints vs Goldeyes

Game 1 – Wednesday, September 7th – Shaw Park (7:05 p.m.)
Game 2 – Thursday, September 8th – Shaw Park (7:05 p.m.
Game 3 – Saturday, September 10th – CHS Field (7:05 p.m.)
Game 4* – Sunday, September 11th – CHS Field (5:05 p.m.)
Game 5* – Monday, September 12th – CHS Field (7:05 p.m.)
*if necessary

A look back at the debate over Rogers Place as it sets to open in Edmonton

Written on November 23, 2018 at 15:23, by

In a few days, Rogers Place will open to Edmontonians after years of debate.

In July 2008, Daryl Katz finally spoke to the media in person after becoming the owner of the Edmonton Oilers.  But even before that significant change, there was talk of a new barn for the beloved team.

“I was on the board of the Oilers Community Foundation;  I was on the board of Northlands,” Lyle Best tells Global News, when asked to look back on the long arena debate.

Best, an Edmonton entrepreneur, chaired the arena feasibility committee which endorsed the idea of a new arena in downtown Edmonton.

“The vitriol and the stuff they would toss at me and other committee members, but particularly me, it was like, ‘Wow, I didn’t think these people walked among us?,’” Best says.

 “If anything, this is a tremendous deal for taxpayers,” former Edmonton mayor Stephen Mandel says.

Watch below: ‘It’s a great time for the city’: Former Edmonton mayor Stephen Mandel weighs in on opening of Rogers Place

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  • City talks to Edmonton’s downtown residents ahead of Rogers Place opening

    Vitriol was also directed at Mandel.  He became the political face of the project.  Now, as a private citizen, he indicates no regrets about the deal.

    “I’m excited, it’s a tremendous opportunity for the city,” Mandel says, adding one of the goals of the project was “to build cities.”

    But before any building could happen, a deal had to be reached.  The battle lines were drawn quickly.

    READ MORE: Mandel begs province to support the downtown arena

    The Katz Group pushed Northlands to the side, wanting no partnership with the non-profit to run the new facility.

    Negotiations led to a trip to New York City in October 2011, where former mayor Mandel and a city team – along with Daryl Katz and his side – met with NHL commissioner Gary Bettman.

    About a year later, as negotiations dragged on, the Oilers’ owner and an entourage visited Seattle, a city without an NHL franchise, but on the hunt to secure one.

    Many saw the moved as a veiled threat to move the team.  Days after the trip, Katz issued an apology.

    READ MORE: Oilers owner Daryl Katz apologizes to ‘Oilers fans everywhere’

    But the civic soap opera was far from over.  After new demands were presented, city council unanimously voted to cease negotiations in October 2012, leaving Katz Group officials stunned.

    “There were so many times during that period where I’d read a story or hear something and you’d go, ‘This is it,”’ Best says.

    “Forming those public/private partnerships is never easy,” the Edmonton Arena Corporation’s Bob Black says.

    Years later, overlooking Rogers Place as workers put the final touches on the facility, Black explains the debate was a “foreign process” to the company.

    READ MORE: Numbers connected to Edmonton’s Rogers Place construction will blow your mind

    Executives were not prepared for the fact the public process required consultation and public oversight.

    “It took us a long time to really grasp that process,” Black adds.  “We worked hard at trying to really understand that process.  But we had to come to a realization it was going to be slower than we’d wished for.”

    By May 2013, a deal was reached just months before the 2013 civic election.  Construction on the facility started in March 2014.

    Watch below: Sarah Kraus got a tour of the nearly completed Rogers Place in May 2016.

    The deal will see the Edmonton Arena Corporation – a Katz Group company – operate the city-owned facility and pay maintenance expenses.  But the company will also get all the revenues.

    “The critcism of the deal itself is that this is simply the privatization of public profit,” Jay Scherer, a University of Alberta researcher writing a book on the arena deal, laments.

    “Council had a number of key opportunities to certainly push back and to demand a better deal for citizens of Edmonton,” Scherer criticizes.

    “Luck and timing is always important,” Best says.

    For the local politicians who supported the proposal, the deal was about two things:  keeping the Oilers in Edmonton and finding a catalyst project to spark increased development downtown.

    As part of the deal, the Katz Group had to commit to spend $100 million in new development.

    Since arena construction started, the company and its partner – WAM Development Group – have announced the creation of Ice District with two office towers, a hotel, residences and retail.  The investment stands at more than $2 billion within a couple of blocks of Rogers Place.

    “It’s going to be a net gain if for no other reason than just the development around it and having a vibrant, live downtown,” Best says.

Players in Edmonton appear to knock record out of the park at world’s longest baseball game attempt

Written on November 23, 2018 at 15:23, by

Dozens of exhausted but smiling baseball players wrapped up a truly epic ball game that unofficially set a record in Edmonton Monday.

While it still needs to be certified by officials with Guinness World Records, the players appear to have set a record for the world’s longest baseball game while also swinging for the fences in an effort to try and help strike out cancer.

Once the game wrapped up around noon on Monday, the final score was a staggering 378 runs for Team Red and 269 runs for Team Black after 269 innings of ball.

The game started Friday and was organized by Brent Saik who started the world’s longest hockey game in 2003. It was held in memory of his father, Terry, who died of cancer.

IN PHOTOS: World’s Longest Hockey Game at Saiker’s Acres

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    Oilers honour World’s Longest Hockey Game

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    The summer after the first hockey game, Saik’s first wife Susan also succumbed to cancer. Her death prompted the next hockey game in 2005 to be played in her name. The hockey game has since been held in 2008, 2011 and 2015.

    Saik said the epic baseball game saw a range of emotions play out on the field.

    “It’s just a mess of laughing, crying and everything.”

    READ MORE: IN PHOTOS: World’s longest baseball game attempt underway in Edmonton

    Participants hoped to raise $250,000 for cancer research by playing the game, a number organizers said they surpassed.

    “To raise a quarter-of-a-million bucks is unbelievable,” Saik said. “And when you do the math, that number is very close to the hockey game. We did this in 72 hours and hockey was 252.”

    “This thing has saved lives and every one of these players know that and that’s why they come here.”

    For more information on the game or to donate to the cause, visit the Alberta Cancer Foundation’s website.

    If the record is certified, the 72-hour game will set a new benchmark for baseball games after the record was last set in Sauget, Illinois in 2015.

    “We’re talking about world’s longest football game next,” Saik said with a laugh after the game Monday.

    -with files from Caley Ramsay

    Watch below: The record still needs to be certified but over the long weekend, a 72-hour baseball game set an unofficial record for how long it was played and also helped raise money to fight cancer. But despite the serious motivation behind the record attempt, the players made sure to get in a few laughs as well. Kevin Karius explains.

    Watch below: The world’s longest baseball game got underway in Edmonton on Friday, raising funds for the Alberta Cancer Foundation. Global’s Kevin Karius took part and on Sept. 2, 2016, he was at the ballpark with founder Brent Saik. 

    Dozens of ball players in Edmonton pose for a photo at the Edmonton Ball Park after playing a 72-hour game. Sept. 5, 2016.

    Morris Gamblin/ Global News

4 suspects wanted after woman allegedly kidnapped at gunpoint in Vaughan

Written on November 23, 2018 at 15:23, by

Police are searching for four suspects wanted in connection with the alleged kidnapping of a woman at gunpoint in Vaughan.

According to Toronto police, the woman was kidnapped from the Highway 27 and Langstaff Road area around 10:30 p.m. Saturday.

Police said the woman was driven to Toronto’s Weston Road and Imogene Avenue area, south of Finch Avenue West, where she was able to escape and later report the incident to police.

Investigators have released the identities of two wanted suspects.

Rasha Al-Enzi, 33, of Toronto.

Handout / Toronto Police Service

Trevor Smithen, 32, of Toronto.

Handout / Toronto Police Service

Police are looking for 32-year-old Trevor Smithen and 33-year-old Rasha Al-Enzi, both of Toronto.

Smithen is described as standing 6’1” and weighing 181 pounds. He has his hair in cornrows. He has the word “TRUM” tattooed on his right forearm and the word “TREVOR” tattooed on his left forearm.

Al-Enzi is described as standing standing 5’5” and weighing 100 pounds. She has multiple tattoos on her arms.

Two additional men are also wanted, but they have yet to be identified.

Police believe the suspects are travelling in a grey, four-door 2016 Chevrolet Sonic with the Ontario licence plate BZKN 727.

Officers encouraged anyone who sees the suspects or vehicle to immediately call 911 as police believe the suspects might be armed.

Anyone with information about the investigation is being asked to contact 416-808-3100 or Crime Stoppers anonymously at 416-222-8477.

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    Toronto police provide update on suspects involved in shooting, kidnapping

Loaded rifle, meth seized by Prince Albert, Sask. police during busy weekend

Written on November 23, 2018 at 15:23, by

Police in Prince Albert said the Labour Day long weekend was a busy one for officers in the northern Saskatchewan city.

In one case, patrol officers spotted a stolen vehicle parked outside a business in the 2800-block of 6th Avenue East early Monday morning.

A search turned up a loaded .22-calibre rifle, three knives and 0.7 grams of meth.

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  • 3 sought in Battleford, Sask. armed robbery

  • Meth, handgun seized in Saskatoon drug bust

  • 2 men stabbed overnight in Saskatoon

    READ MORE: Woman, teen reportedly held against their will escape vehicle: Saskatoon police

    A 15-year-old girl, a 17-year-old boy, a 19-year-old man and a 30-year-old woman were arrested.

    They are facing numerous firearm-related charges along with stolen vehicle, drug and breach of court order charges.

    On Saturday morning, officers tried to pull over a vehicle, however, the driver refused to stop.

    Police said he headed north across the Diefenbaker Bridge before stopping on Highway 2 where he was arrested.

    READ MORE: Close call in Saskatoon involving suspected impaired driver, city work crew

    Among the charges a 22-year-old Sturgeon Lake man is facing are impaired driving, dangerous operation of a motor vehicle and driving while disqualified.

    All of the accused are scheduled to appear Tuesday morning in Prince Albert provincial court.

    In total, police said they responded to 275 calls for service between Friday evening and Monday morning, , including 45 for disturbances and 37 for intoxicated people.

Connor McDavid says youth is asset at World Cup

Written on November 23, 2018 at 15:23, by

Connor McDavid believes Team North America’s youth will be the group’s main asset at the World Cup of Hockey, not its Achilles’ heel.

Last year’s first-overall draft pick was optimistic following North America’s 90-minute practice at Bell Centre on Monday — the team’s first of 13 practices ahead of their tournament-opener against Finland on Sept. 18.

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  • Green Day, The Killers set to perform in Toronto for World Cup of Hockey celebrations

  • World Cup of Hockey roster finalized for Finland, Russia and Czech Republic

    Carey Price on the World Cup

    “Everyone has us pegged as the underdogs and we’ll happily take that,” said the 19-year-old McDavid. “We’re going to surprise some teams. We have a lot of speed and skill.

    “That’s definitely our character trait. We just have to use it to our advantage.”

    North America, which is made of the top players under 23 years old, is in a pool with veteran filled teams Sweden, Finland and Russia.

    McDavid’s sentiment that skill and speed will be a game-changer for Team North America was echoed throughout the dressing room.

    “What’s going to help us is how fast we are,” said Edmonton’s Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. “We have youth on this team, so we should be able to jump into things right away.”

    Added 19-year-old Jack Eichel: “We’re young and we can use that to our advantage. We can play with a lot of pace.”

    READ MORE: McDavid, Eichel headline North American roster for upcoming World Cup of Hockey

    Colorado’s Nathan MacKinnon suggested the tournament’s format — three group-stage games followed by a semifinal and a best-of-three final series — was to North America’s advantage.

    “This isn’t a full season or playoffs,” said MacKinnon, one of 11 Canadians on Team North America. “This is one-and-done. We have the talent and ability to beat anyone. I don’t think there’s a more skilled team than ours.”

    Head coach Todd McLellan tested out line combinations for the first time on Monday after weeks of brainstorming.

    McDavid played with Mark Scheifele of the Jets and Jonathan Drouin of the Lightning. Johnny Gaudreau was on a line with Eichel and Brandon Saad, while Auston Matthews practised with MacKinnon and Nugent-Hopkins.

    Team North America’s potential fourth line combined Dylan Larkin with Sean Couturier and newcomer Vincent Trochek. New York’s J.T. Miller was the extra skater.

    The Quebec-born Drouin, who was one of Tampa Bay’s best players in the post-season last year, was thrilled to be paired with McDavid.

    “As time moves on, we’ll see if there’s chemistry,” said Drouin. “He’s exceptional, everybody knows it. You saw just today at practice how quick he is, how smart he is with the puck.”

    On defence, Morgan Rielly was paired with Aaron Ekblad. Shayne Gostisbehere played with Colton Parayko while Ryan Murray was on a pairing with Seth Jones. Jacob Trouba was the extra skater on defence.

    With several more practices to come, McLellan will shuffle his lines until he’s satisfied with the combinations. The Edmonton Oilers coach admitted it’s been a difficult task, especially since he and his coaching staff do not know each player very well yet.

    “We’re just looking for a starting point,” sad McLellan. “We put groups together based on how we feel players might play with each other. We’d like to keep consistency with lines, but we also need to experiment.”

    READ MORE: World Cup of Hockey jerseys ‘are something out of a comic book’

    McLellan has yet to name a team captain, though he’s expected to give it to McDavid.

    “It’s an evolving process,” said McLellan. “We have an idea of who should be stepping up, but we want to see it throughout training camp and throughout an exhibition game or two.

    “We’re looking for a strong leadership group. It’s a lot of pressure on an individual to wear a ‘C’. We’ll be looking for a group effort. But we will end up with a captain and a few assistants.”

    The under-24 team will play preliminary matches against Team Europe and the Czech Republic before the tournament begins.